Website Advertising

UPDATE: At this time we do not yet have a website advertising program. No date has been set for its release. Please check back periodically.

CASQA's website is visited by hundreds of CASQA members and stormwater quality professionals everywhere. Advertisements on the CASQA website will be prominently displayed on the Organizations and Services page in the Resources section. CASQA members receive a discount.

We also offer opportunities to advertise in the printed conference program of the CASQA Annual Conference. Please check back second quarter 2018 for information and rates.


  • Ads shall consist of an organizational logo, tagline (if any), and an imbedded hyperlink to your organization's website
  • Dimensions: 325px wide
  • Image file format: PNG, JPG, GIF; (no animated GIFs) - PNG is preferred
  • Ads must be provided in web-ready, electronic form to CASQA

Terms & Conditions

  • Ads are subject to review and approval by CASQA
    • CASQA may refuse to accept advertising or sponsorship for any reason.
    • CASQA maintains the right to reject ads with inappropriately large logos relative to the space provided.
    • CASQA shall have review approval of the hyperlink destination.
  • The acceptance of any advertising or sponsorship will in no way state or imply an endorsement from CASQA for the subject product or service.