2018 CASQA Awardee: Outstanding Commercial Stormwater BMP Implementation Project: Urban Low Impact Development Best Management Practice Commercial Site Retrofit Project

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 10:30am to 11:00am
Track / Session:
Track: CASQA Awardees / Session 1

Retrofitting an existing commercial site to reduce stormwater discharges is something that would typically be done only if required by regulation or permit. As a leading stormwater consultant, CASC elected to retrofit its corporate office property into an attractive and effective LID site without a regulatory mandate to do so. The BMPs integrated into the site dramatically reduce stormwater discharges, increase infiltration, reduce potable water use for irrigation, and provide True Source Control by eliminating turf areas and reducing potential discharges of fertilizers and pesticides. The retrofit also provides an opportunity for others to see how LID BMPs can be effectively integrated into a commercial site.  CASQA awarded the project its Outstanding Stormwater BMP Implementation Project in 2018.  This presentation will cover the BMPs added to the site since 2018 and provide an update on the operation and maintenance required to maintain the functionality of all LID BMPs at the site.

Primary Speaker:
Rick Sidor, CASC Engineering and Consulting