Ask the Regulator: Construction General Permit (panel)

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 10:00am to 11:40am
Garden 4
Track / Session:

Following on the success of CASQA’s first CGP Ask the Regulator session in 2013, this session will provide an interactive opportunity for conference attendees to meet and engage with Regional Water Board construction site inspectors. The session will be led off by two or three short presentations by the inspectors on things they see when reviewing monitoring data, inspecting projects during construction and inspecting projects prior to approving the Notice of Termination. Inspectors will provide insights on problems and challenges common to many project sites. The overview presentations will be followed by an extended question and answer session. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions about CGP challenges and interpretations to get the perspective of inspector from several regions. This panel session is designed to be highly interactive and provide the participants with an opportunity to interact directly with inspectors.

What constitutes site stabilization and how wildlife friendly products can be used (Northern CA perspective): Jacque Kelley

Is it stabilized? – Focus on project submittals and NOT inspections (Southern CA perspective): Luz Vargas and Alireza Rahmani

Post Construction BMPs – what is needed in MS4 and non-MS4 areas (Region 8 perspective): Keith Elliot and Michael Roth

Looking ahead – Termination and post construction requirements in the next CGP: Russ Hansen

Primary Speaker:
Jacque Kelley, Water Board - Region 5
Jacque Kelley is an Engineering Associate with the Central Valley Water Board’s Sacramento office. Jacque has worked in the storm water unit for 14 years. She has a wealth of career experience inspecting construction and industrial sites for compliance with the State’s general storm water permits. In addition she has experience working with Municipal Phase I & II Storm Water Permittee’s. Jacque is the termination expert for Region 5 Sacramento and answers endless questions regarding appropriate stabilization, SMARTS and various other construction and industrial related questions.