Ask the Regulator: Industrial General Permit (panel)

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 1:30pm to 3:10pm
Garden 4
Track / Session:

With the April 1, 2014, adoption of the long awaited Industrial General Permit, compliance requirements for industrial dischargers in California are changing significantly. This session will include a panel with SWRCB staff responsible for drafting the Industrial General Permit, several Regional Board staff tasked with enforcement on industrial sites, and municipal inspection staff responsible for regularly inspecting industrial dischargers and enforcing local ordinances.

Our panelists will discuss the areas of the Permit that are likely to generate confusion, and provide an overview of common areas of non-compliance at industrial sites. The panel will provide an interactive forum for attendees to obtain additional information from regulatory agency staff and ask questions/ interpretation on the Permit provisions.

Primary Speaker:
Laurel Warddrip, SWRCB
Laurel Warddrip has worked for the State Water Board since 2008 developing Storm Water Permits. Currently her primary projects are implementing the industrial general storm water permit and the training program for this permit. Her educational background is from UC Santa Cruz in ecology and biology. She is currently finishing her Geographic Information Systems program at American River College.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Ejigu Solomon, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
Supporting Speaker 2:
Keith Elliot, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board