Ask the Regulators: Municipal Stormwater Management (panel)

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 3:45pm to 5:25pm
Garden 4
Track / Session:

Panel discussion on municipal stormwater management. The panel will include two regional water board representatives (Laurie Walsh in Southern California and Fred Hetzel from Northern California); one EPA representative (Eugene Bromley); and one municipal representative (Jo Ann Weber of County of San Diego).

Each panel member will have approximate 10 minutes to make introductory remarks to engage the audience. The topic is municipal stormwater management including regulator/permittee relationships, interpretations of permits/regulations and negotiations/collaboration.

The introductory remarks will likely focus on:

For the municipal representative, a short story about a positive experience between the regulator and permittee to address an issue with a mutually agreeable solution and/or an experience in which a regulators and permitee worked together.

For Water Board, the focus could be on recently issued Municipal Stormwater Permits for Phase I and Phase II MS4s and/or the future directions of these permits (high level) and how these are playing out on the ground. The remarks may also include discussion on how Water Board is working together with the dischargers to interpret and implement the permit requirements.

For EPA, the remarks may describe EPA's recent decision to delay action on the new stormwater rule to focus instead on updating its stormwater strategy to pursue a suite of immediate actions to help support communities in addressing their stormwater challenges and what this decision will mean on the ground in California.

For the Q&A, audience members may think of questions during the 4 introductory statements. The moderator will also develop a list of questions to have in case the audience does not have many questions. The total session will probably be 1.5 hours. The first 45 minutes or so will be the short presentations. The latter 45 minutes will be made up of Q&A session with the audience.

Primary Speaker:
Laurie Walsh, San Diego Water Board
Laurie Walsh is a California licensed Civil Engineer with 20 years at the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board where she has worked on both surface water and ground water regulatory and grant programs. Her most recent accomplishment includes co-authoring the Regional MS4 Permit for the San Diego Region. Ms. Walsh graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Fred Hetzel, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board
Supporting Speaker 2:
Eugene Bromley, US EPA, Region 9