Baseline Trash Generation Rates Specific to the San Diego Region

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 11:30am to 12:00pm
Meeting Room 1-3 (Lower Level)
Track / Session:
Trash Track / Trash Implementation Planning

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board issued an order (R9-2017-0077) on June 2, 2017, which directed Copermittees to begin a planning process required by the Trash Amendments. In response to the Order, the County conducted multiple special studies to support its planning efforts. Among the studies, Regional Baseline Trash Generation Rate Study (the Regional Study), in particular, was conducted in collaboration with 15 Copermittees to quantify full capture rates for PLUs in the San Diego Region. The full capture rates combined with a jurisdiction’s breakdown of PLUs is one of methods that can be used to calculate the full capture equivalency for a jurisdiction implementing Track 2.

The Regional Study found that commercial PLU had the highest generation rate followed by industrial and high density residential PLUs, which is consistent with other studies. The Regional Study also found that trash generation rates were overall lower in the San Diego Region than rates reported in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. The visual monitoring results indicate that low to medium trash conditions (A or B visual assessment scores) were dominant (> 80%) and no very high trash condition was observed in the San Diego Region. The trash generation rates from the Regional Study can be applied as baselines to PLU areas across the San Diego Region and areas outside the San Diego Region where applicable to support the full capture equivalency demonstration under Track 2.

Throughout the presentation, presenters will engage with audience to solicit their own experience with trash management and efforts in planning for the Trash Amendments and lessons learned from similar efforts to determine baseline trash generation rates and full capture equivalency demonstration.

Primary Speaker:
Stephanie Gaines, County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program
Stephanie Gaines began her career at the County of San Diego in 2001 as a Land Use/Environmental Planner. During that time she worked on the County’s General Plan update team, focusing on long-range planning and community outreach. Since 2007, Stephanie has worked with the County’s Watershed Protection Program and served as a lead planner for several of the region’s watersheds for the unincorporated areas. Her responsibilities included developing water quality activities, projects and plans in response to municipal stormwater permit related requirements. Stephanie is the key County liaison with the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Group, and routinely interfaces with many agencies including nongovernment organizations to collaborate in meeting water resource and water quality needs for the region. Stephanie currently supervises staff in the Science & Monitoring and Policy section for the County, facilitates the San Diego Region Copermittees working groups, and provides outreach on stormwater issues to business, industry, and local community groups. She is an SDSU alumnus, with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Vada Yoon, Michael Baker International