Building a SmartBMP: Lakewood's Water Capture Project at Bolivar Park

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 10:20am to 10:50am
Meeting Room 7-8 (Upper Level)
Track / Session:
Making Stormwater BMPs Work Track / Multi-Faceted Projects

As a major step towards implementing the Los Cerritos Watershed Management Program, the City of Lakewood designed and constructed the first SmartBMP at their Bolivar Park site. The City of Lakewood developed an innovative water capture project at Bolivar Park focused on maximizing pollutant load reduction, stormwater capture, and water supply needs through treatment and use. Through the use of real-time weather data and actively controlled diversion, pump station, and stormwater harvesting unit, the City will be able to maximize BMP performance beyond the original planning level estimates from the Watershed Management Plan.
The Bolivar Park site will capture discharges from approximately 3,018 acres of Los Cerritos Channel watershed and address copper, lead, and zinc loads. The proposed water capture facility will include a diversion system to re-direct all dry-weather urban runoff and the first flush of wet-weather runoff from the Del Amo channel through a pre-treatment system to remove trash, debris, and sediment. A pump station and drainage pipeline will convey the water into a large, buried multi-chambered storage/infiltration facility. The project consists of the following major components.
• Channel Diversion System. The diversion from the Del Amo Channel would be accomplished through a drop inlet structure and a channel diversion gate raised by an air-inflatable rubber dam to provide in-channel storage for the system during storm events.
• Storage and Infiltration Facility. A 2.9 million gallon (8.9 acre-feet) underground storage reservoir will be constructed in the northwest area of Bolivar Park.
• Treatment and Use. A treatment system will be used to filter and sanitize the water stored within the storage reservoir. The treated water will be incorporated into the irrigation system and augment the use of potable water for Bolivar Park.
The project was funded through an innovative funding approach with Caltrans for $11 million. Construction was completed in May 2018.
Participants will have an opportunity to hear about the lessons learned with the design and construction of a 2.9 Million Gallon regional BMP. Also, the benefits of active controls will be discussed that represent a BMP performance boost of 50% greater efficiency.

Primary Speaker:
Konya Vivanti, City of Lakewood
Konya Vivanti is the Environmental Programs Manager with the City of Lakewood Public Works Department. For the past 12 years, Konya has been responsible for the Lakewood’s environmental programs as it relates to Storm Water, Sewage, Fats, Oil & Grease, Trash, Recycling, Air Quality, Hazardous Waste and E-Waste. Konya has a Masters in Public Administration and over 25 years in local government with experience in administrative and program management of air quality, transportation demand management, transit marketing, water resources and other environmental regulations and issues. Konya is currently the Chair of the Los Cerritos Channel Watershed located in South East Los Angeles County.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Oliver Galang, Tetra Tech