Coming Soon: Total Maximum Daily Loads and the Statewide Storm Water Industrial General Permit

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 27 11:35am to 12:05pm
Convention Center Hall D
Track / Session:
Industrial Track / Regulatory Panel: Expectations for ERA Level 2 and the TMDL Reopener

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are set to protect the beneficial uses of a particular water body. TMDLs are adopted into basin plans and define the sources of pollutants (many includes industrial storm water), but TMDLs are implemented though permits. The Statewide Storm Water Industrial General Permit (IGP) will be incorporating implementation requirements for the first time and this presentation will outline the process, schedule, and compliance concepts for the amendment of TMDL implementation language into the IGP.

Primary Speaker:
Shuka Rastegarpour, State Water Resources Control Board
Supporting Speaker 1:
Laurel Warddrip, State Water Resources Control Board
Primary Speaker Biography: 

Shuka is an Environmental Scientist at the State Water Resources Control Board. She has spent 3 years in Ocean Standards Planning and now 2 years in Industrial/Construction Storm Water Permitting. She has received her Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento. She is the lead staff on amending the Industrial General Permit to incorporate Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation language.

Supporting Speakers Biographies: 

Laurel is the Industrial and Construction Storm Water Unit Chief for the State Water Resources Control Board and has worked there since 2008 developing Storm Water Permits. She holds a B.S. in plant science from UC Santa Cruz and has completed American River College’s A.S. in Geographic Information Systems.