Cracking the Funding Nut! - Lessons Learned from 2018 Balloted Stormwater Funding Efforts

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 10:20am to 10:50am
Raincross C & F (Upper Level)
Track / Session:
Dollars and Sense Track / Financial Planning Basics: Getting Organized

Faced with significant funding shortfalls to comply with storm drainage infrastructure and NPDES permit requirements, several Northern California cities have taken a fresh look, and proceeded with balloted funding efforts in 2018. These efforts have included contemporary, newer, post-social-media outreach efforts along with a combined emphasis on 1.) rebuilding local infrastructure, 2.) preventing local flooding and 3.) improving water quality.

This presentation will “open the hood” to discuss in-depth, behind-the-scenes lessons learned on two challenging balloted property-related fee efforts, both with very high proposed fee rates in politically charged environments: the Town of Moraga and the City of Berkeley. Also, discussion will include three other survey efforts regarding funding for storm drainage infrastructure and water quality. Finally, an update on several SB231 efforts with be discussed.

Primary Speaker:
John Bliss, SCI Consulting Group
Supporting Speaker 1:
Jerry Bradshaw, SCI Consulting Group
Primary Speaker Biography: 

John Bliss, President, continues to lead SCI Consulting Group as California’s premier firm for public agency revenue mechanism implementation and administration. John has led the development and implementation of over 300 post-Proposition 218 assessments – more than all other assessment engineers in California, combined. John has a passion for quality public institutions that motivates his work at SCI and is demonstrated by his service on a variety of volunteer organizations in Oakland. John graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, and holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a Regent's Scholar. He is a licensed professional Civil Engineer in the State of California.

Supporting Speakers Biographies: 

Jerry Bradshaw is a licensed Civil Engineer who brings over 25 years of engineering experience to the SCI team. Having worked in the public sector as a City Engineer and Public Works Director for much of that time, Mr. Bradshaw has experience with funding measure feasibility and financial analysis services for programs of various types. Mr. Bradshaw specializes in assessment formations including rate study analysis and Proposition 218 compliance for benefit assessment districts, community facility districts and fee rate structures. In addition, Mr. Bradshaw is experienced in opinion research, public outreach, demographic studies and ballot measure development.

Mr. Bradshaw’s extensive background working for local government provides him a keen insight to the challenges and opportunities that abound for public clients. He has successfully developed, launched and administered voter approved measures including assessment fees and sales and utility taxes. With a dedication to client satisfaction Mr. Bradshaw successfully works to produce accurate and timely products with the added value of his public sector experience. Mr. Bradshaw is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Denver.