Creating Neighborhoods with Green Infrastructure

Creating Neighborhoods Training Workshop (morning)
Speakers / Organizations: 

Tom Low, Civic By Design (moderator)
Bruce Phillips, PACE

An interactive hands-on workshop on Creating Neighborhoods with Green Infrastructure with Tom Low's Light Imprint Mixopoly. Light Imprint Mixopoly is an interactive, creative, face-to-face way to explore a broad range of ecological sensitive land planning types using green infrastructure design in detail. Mixopoly offers non-designers and designers alike the opportunity for hands-on design training. Participants work in small teams to create their own master plan, calibrate and produce a Light Imprint Overlay integrating green infrastructure. Bruce Phillips will be collaborating on artscapes, and waterscapes. Additional leaders in the workshop will assist with calibrating projects with water quality metrics and cost estimates. Artscapes and waterscapes enhance placemaking. Metrics show high performance water quality standards equal or better than the predevelopment condition of the site. Cost savings associated with green infrastructure application such as Light Imprint compared to conventional "inlet-pipe-and pit" engineering may typically average 30% savings.

  • Limited to 40 participants in each half-day training workshop (AM and PM)
  • This training workshop will not be included in the webcast

Moderator: Tom Low, Civic By Design

8:30 - 11:45 AM

Participants will:

  1. Hear lightning round introductory overviews on neighborhood design, artscapes, and waterscapes
  2. Form small roundtable groups
  3. Use Mixopoly templates to create new urban neighborhoods
  4. Apply Light Imprint green infrastructure overlay methodologies and tools
  5. Integrate artscapes and waterscapes
  6. Calibrate Light Imprint strategies
  7. In the end you will be able take what you learned in this workshop and apply this to green infrastructure master plans