Developing a Risk Assessment for a Linear Utility Construction Project: Making the Best Decisions for CGP Compliance and Water Quality

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 2:00pm to 2:30pm
Track / Session:
Track: Construction and Post Fire Response / Session 2

There are many components to developing a risk assessment for a linear utility construction project (LUP) where the analysis methods are not addressed in the CGP. It is up to the QSD to determine the appropriate way to segment the project, what latitude and longitude to use for the R, K, and LS factors, how and when to use a site-specific LS factor, and determining if the receiving water risk is medium or high, to name a few. This presentation will work through developing a risk assessment for a fictitious LUP project that spans RWQCB jurisdictions and watersheds with low and high receiving water risks, discussing the decisions made during each step of the process.

Primary Speaker:
Kadi Whiteside, Southern California Edison
Kadi Whiteside is a Senior Environmental Specialist with Southern California Edison. She has many years of experience in the stormwater compliance industry and serves as the co-chair for the CASQA construction subcommittee.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Carly Cubberley, Geosyntec Consultants
Ms. Cubberley is a water resources engineer with 9 years of experience with a variety of water resource and regulatory compliance projects involving preparation of stormwater documents for CGP, IGP, and MS4-Permit compliance, field inspections of construction, commercial, industrial, municipal, and MS4 facilities, stormwater monitoring and sampling for IGP-compliance, pollutant source tracking and treatability analysis, preliminary designs for water treatment BMPs, MS4 system mapping, NPDES compliance reporting via the California State Water Resources Control Board’s SMARTS, and achieving NOT from CGP-coverage using RUSLE2 computational proof.