Feasible Projects Due To Effective Teaming

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 14 3:05pm to 3:35pm
Sunset V
Track / Session:
Stormwater Grants and Funding / Maximize Stormwater Program Return on Investment
Short Description: 
Case studies outlining how Ventura County has utilized effective project teaming to overcome project constraints, secure funding, and minimize long-term operations and maintenance costs.

Complying with Municipal Stormwater Permit and Total Maximum Daily Load requirements are daunting and proven to be very expensive. This presentation will focus on specific post-construction Best Management Practice (BMP) projects the County of Ventura (County) has successfully completed and has underway. Specifically, effective teaming opportunities the County has established for project technical and financial feasibility as well as long term maintenance.

The County has been successful in securing stormwater grant funding through available State programs for multiple projects in recent years. $1.5 million for a project through Proposition 84 Round 1, a combined $2.2 million for two projects through Proposition 84 Round 2, and $1 million for a project through the Proposition 84 IRWM Drought Grant. Overview will be given for what made these successful grant applications as well as future teaming projects the County will seek Grant funding for such as through current Proposition 1 solicitation.

Not all important teaming is related to project construction and doesn’t always include outside agencies. Some of the most beneficial teaming the County has completed has been through agreements with various entities within the County to ensure long-term responsibility and functionality of constructed BMPs. Finding money to construct a project is only half the battle. The hardest part is agreeing upon responsibility and funding sources following construction.

The presenter will walk the audience through typical County project steps: Initial site selection, project constraint identification, outreach to other agencies and community leaders for potential project teaming, grant application processes, collaborative design finalization and maintenance agreements with teaming entities, construction, community outreach, and transition to the maintenance phase.

This presentation aligns well with the suggested track choice(s) as well as the overall conference theme. Graphs, pictures, and maps will be utilized throughout the presentation for ease of understanding and to minimize text on slides.

Primary Speaker:
David Kirby, Ventura County Watershed Protection District