FUNdraising Car Washes Done Right!

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 20 11:10am to 11:40am
Oak Tree
Track / Session:
Behavior Change / Measuring Impact: Case Studies on Targeting TMDL Pollutants

In the City of Monterey, a pilot program was implemented successfully to encourage charity car washing to take place at a commercial car wash and raise money for charity. Through a voucher system program, charities can sign up with the commercial car wash and then disseminate the vouchers to students to sell as a fundraiser. The car wash charges a base rate for the vouchers and the nonprofits keep the proceeds. This is a win for the charity, the car wash, and the city for preventing storm water pollution. The number of vouchers returned to be redeemed at the car wash can be quantified for reporting measures. The goal is to use this pilot as an example and encourage other commercial car washes in surrounding cities to replicate this model through the public education and outreach program for the Monterey Regional Storm Water Management Program.

Primary Speaker:
Maris Sidenstecker, Save The Whales
Since 1996, Maris has focused on educating the public about storm water pollution prevention through school outreach programs, public events, business outreach, community storm drain stenciling, social and media outreach, CBSM, award winning radio ads, sustaining partnerships, and is the only certified OWOW advocate in Monterey County. She co-founded the nonprofit organization Save The Whales at the age of fourteen and is the current program director. Graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.A. Double Major: Marine Biology, and Zoology.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Jeff Condit, Monterey Regional Storm Water Management Program