The Future of City Inspections Using Mobile GIS and Smart Form Surveys

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 16 3:05pm to 3:35pm
Track / Session:
Track: Data Management, GIS / GIS Tools, and Modeling / Session 8

Commercial and Industrial inspections are an integral component of the Riverside County Santa Ana Region MS4 NPDES Permit. Initially, the County’s Department of Environmental Health provided inspection services to comply with program requirements. In 2015, the individual Co-Permittees became responsible to develop and maintain the commercial and industrial inspection program within their respective jurisdiction.
Since assuming responsibility for implementation of the Commercial and Industrial inspection program, the City of Hemet, like many other cities, has worked through the challenges of developing a compliant and timely Commercial and Industrial inspection program while adhering to budgetary constraints. When Hemet took over the inspection program, the inspections were documented on paper forms and then data was manually transferred into the City’s database. Hemet envisioned that the future of their Commercial and Industrial inspection program would need to be more efficient with enhanced documentation, and that the program would also need to facilitate reporting and information sharing. Hemet’s NPDES program manager determined that a more streamlined approach to the program was needed.
Hemet found their solution through the use of ArcGIS applications such as Survey123 and Collector for their inspection reports and tracking program. SMART apps have elevated the City’s ability to instantly share important inspection data and results. Customized mobile GPS apps and smart-form capabilities provide field inspectors with an interactive tool to track and schedule inspections. Form-centric surveys have been developed to collect data that can be easily exported and uploaded to the City’s asset management database. What used to take extensive time and effort to produce each year, the City is now able to chart required annual reporting data with just a click of the mouse.
The City of Hemet’s presentation will provide useful information and cost-effective solutions on how other municipalities can develop and effectively manage a Commercial and Industrial inspection program using cutting edge, Mobile GIS based technologies.

Primary Speaker:
Joyce Goode, CASC Engineering and Consulting
Joyce Goode has over fifteen years of experience in the civil engineering and consulting industry and is serving as an Environmental Scientist with CASC Engineering and Consulting. Ms. Goode’s career is focused on NPDES permit compliance and she is an expert in the Industrial General Permit, Construction General Permit, and MS4 Permits. Ms. Goode assists multiple municipalities on managing compliant programs. She is currently leading teams in the development of GIS-based applications for management of compliance activities to meet the requirements of MS4 Permits. Joyce Goode has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology from California State University, San Bernardino.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Dan Cortese, City of Hemet
Dan Cortese is currently responsible for managing and overseeing the operation of environmental services programs for the City of Hemet located in Southern California. These environmental programs include implementing NPDES requirements, water quality compliance for the water department, and a Jurisdictional Permit Program. Dan holds a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Public Administration, and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Dan has over 13 years of experience working in local government.
Supporting Speaker 2:
Coral Fenech, CASC Engineering and Consulting
Coral Fenech has been providing technical GIS solutions for over 17 years in the Environmental and Planning Industry. She has extensive experience in managing the GIS and GPS for projects in natural resources, water quality, utilities, transportation, and renewable resources. Coral has been the GIS Lead on many large-scale projects requiring extensive field management and detailed mapping efforts in both the public and private sector. She is always looking for ways to provide cutting edge GIS and GPS solutions to clients. Coral has a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and GIS Certification from California State University, Long Beach.