How to Create an Adaptable Creative Brand that will Amplify your Public Education Efforts Countywide

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 10:20am to 10:50am
Meeting Room 9-10 (Upper Level)
Track / Session:
Collaboration and Public Outreach Track / Branding and Outreach

In fiscal year 2016 - 2017, the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program (Program), a group consisting of 16 cities, the county, and flood control district under the Santa Ana River NPDES MS4 Permit, underwent a rebranding effort to streamline its multiple education campaigns into one comprehensive and visually-connected brand, “Where Water Meets Community”. The Program’s public education sub-committee consists of 6 cities plus the County and Flood Control District. Individual city campaigns are developed to reflect the overarching brand of the Areawide Program. With the new branding, the Program was able to create a solid brand where the cities and county can work collaboratively to promote the county stormwater program consistently.

This presentation will look at how the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program has been able to provide resources for cities to flexibly engage with programs throughout the county, including culturally diverse materials to assist communities that are predominantly Spanish speaking. We will explain the process behind involving feedback from cities, actions for countywide campaigns, and the tactics used to keep multiple cities update-to-date and informed about each initiative.

Primary Speaker:
Carolina Gonzalez, SGA Marketing
Carolina is a project manager at S Groner Associates (SGA) with extensive experience in media relations, public education, community awareness, and campaign development. Carolina has managed several community outreach and public awareness projects ranging from low-income assistance for affordable housing to engaging and increasing awareness among Latinos about recycling used motor oil and paint. Carolina currently manages the public education campaigns for Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and the City of Santa Ana in addition to working with LA County Sanitation Districts on community outreach for the Clearwater Tunnel Project.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Arlene Chun, San Bernardino County