It’s Compliance Training. Make it Personal. Make it Count. - Ready. Set. Engage!

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 1:30pm to 2:00pm
Garden 1 & 2
Track / Session:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." Tired of getting the same results? Most compliance trainings are the same message time after time and are not personal or meaningful to the audience. The participants tune out, are bored, and likely are not retaining the content or using it practically in the way you had hoped. Research shows that the traditional lecture is much like handing out a report. It doesn’t mean your audience will read it, retain it, or even apply it. So, do you want your audience to hear your presentation or learn and apply it? If you want them to learn it and remember it so they can apply it, you’ll have to change what you might usually do. Increasing your audience’s engagement through peer to peer discussions, activities and reflection exercises will increase their learning and retention and ultimately their ability to apply it.

I will engage the audience in a series of interactive tool sets and demonstrate how these tools can be used and incorporated into trainings. It is important to learn how to understand who your audience is, how to give them something personal and meaningful, and how to present the content in an engaging format that facilitates retention. These techniques demonstrated in this talk will not only transform compliance training but help audience members develop message points that resonate, are valued, and have meaning.

Through this interactive experience participants will be able to:
• Compare expert-centered and participant-centered education.
• Define engagement and why it’s necessary to increase listeners’ learning.
• Identify the steps to transition traditional lectures to an interactive peer to peer presentation.
• Learn to engage audiences and have them participate by talking because that trumps listening – whoever talks the most, learns the most
• Understand that personal meaning is more important than the amount of content delivered. If it doesn’t mean anything to your audience, they aren’t hearing the content.
• Doing the same thing and expecting different results….. Get what you really want. It is important to mix up the training and delivery method. Keep it fresh. Keep it different.
• Patterns help audience members with retention. Learn how patterns create a mental link to content and provide a mental pathway for retain. Once content is retained, it can be used and applied.
• Images are worth a thousand words. Incorporate images effectively and understand the neurochemical response they have on learning.
• Everyone needs to have a voice and the ability to mentally contribute. Facilitate peer to peer conversations to enhance your training and create a buzz that will make your audience want more.
• Change the presenter mental framework from Power Over Others to Power With Others. Presenters are not there to be talking heads; Presenter are to empower the audience with knowledge. It’s all about them.
• Get your participants to think rather than blindly do. This way they are engaged fully in the program outside of the training.

Let us not keep doing the same thing, the same way; our audiences will be bored and little retention of content will be had. Break the monotony, create energy in a program and actively engage so that the speaker connects with the audience to achieve the training results needed to make any program successful.

Primary Speaker:
Lisa Haney, Orange County Sanitation District
Lisa Haney serves as the Stormwater Program Manager for Orange County Sanitation District overseeing the Construction and Industrial Stormwater programs. She also sits on the CASQA BMP, Industrial Permit, and Construction Permit committees and is the co-chair for this year's CASQA conference. In addition, Lisa is the onsite training expert for Orange County Sanitation for the following compliance programs: Stormwater, Post Construction, Endangered Species, and Dewatering. She is also actively involved in Toastmasters and mentors people on Public Speaking.