Life Cycle Management of Post-Construction BMPs

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 2:40pm to 3:10pm
Grand Ballroom F
Track / Session:

Post-Construction Best Management Practices (BMPs) are an important part of the landscape (literally!) and are here to stay. To ensure proper function and aesthetics, and as required by prudent practices and increasingly, by permit or regulation, these BMPs should be managed across their life cycle: Planning, Design, Construction and Operation and Maintenance. However, even within a small municipality or organization, the staff who plan for and design these BMPs are not typically involved with the construction and acceptance of these BMPs, nor their maintenance. New Municipal permits require that these BMPs be inventoried, and maintained, the results of which require an Annual Report submission.
This presentation will provide an overview of the tips and strategies municipalities and owners can take to ensure planners, designers, construction and facilities maintenance staffs are working together to cost effectively manage these new facilities.
Using a brief scenario base case study, the presentation will highlight common challenges and pitfalls and challenge the audience through role playing exercise to identify a suite of strategies and tools that can be implemented to overcome or mitigate these obstacles at each phase (Planning, Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance) of the BMP's life cycle.

Primary Speaker:
Patricia Samora, URS Corporation
Patricia Samora, PE, ToR and QSD, has assisted numerous organization to develop and implement strategies to cost-effectively manage post-construction BMPs. Ms. Samora is a former Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer and Small MS4 Program Administration for the City of Falls Church. Ms. Samora is currently a Water Resource Engineer with URS Corporation
Supporting Speaker 1:
Ed Othmer, URS Corporation