Making Social Media Work: From Celebrity Chef to the City of LA

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 10:35am to 11:40am
Grand Ballroom G
Track / Session:

INTRODUCTION: Stormwater public education programs throughout California share similar goals. They aim to reach an engaged audience with the messages of the program, and they work to inspire that audience to change their behavior in ways that reduce stormwater pollution and ultimately protect local waterways. There are numerous methods we can use for public outreach and engagement. Social media has become one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your audience. But using social media effectively requires finesse, and a clear understanding of your identity, your audience and what you're really saying.

PURPOSE: This talk aims to discuss the importance of effectively using social media in public outreach and education. In addition, it will provide practical tools stormwater programs can use to establish vibrant social media platforms that audiences want to engage with.

MAIN IDEAS: The presentation will explore a case study of how the author created and cultivated social media for an Australian celebrity chef and how she has applied the same tactics to build the social media platforms of the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program. In addition, the author will show how to develop a program identity and the key elements that are necessary to engage and maintain a target audience.

TOOLS: The talk will offer a step-by-step method of building social media that works. We will explore how to create an identifiable personality for your program and how to understand your audience, so you can more effectively deliver your message points. We will explore how analyze your social media platforms to determine how your audience regards the program and interacts with your messaging.

AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: Audience participation and insight will be solicited throughout the presentation. The talk will end by sketching out the steps necessary to set up successful social media for one of the audience member’s programs.

Primary Speaker:
Rachel Dowd, S. Groner Associates, Inc.
Rachel Dowd is a media specialist at S. Groner Associates, a community-based social marketing firm in Long Beach, California. Before joining SGA, Rachel worked as a writer, editor and creative content provider, working with individuals and brands to create a vibrant identity via digital marketing and social media platforms. Prior to that, she was a magazine journalist at national publications, such as Natural Health, Variety and Vegetarian Times.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Joyce Amaro, City of Los Angeles