Modular Wetland TAPE Testing

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 17 3:40pm to 4:10pm
Garden 1 & 2
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The Washington State Department of Ecology Technology Assessment Protocol, known as TAPE, is the stormwater industry's most stringent and all-encompassing testing protocol nationwide. Unlike other protocols that focus solely on TSS, the TAPE protocol defines performance goals for TSS, dissolved metals, total phosphorus and oils & grease. This paper explores the process of testing a LID biofiltration BMP under the protocol and provides insight into the process required for successful implementation, site selection, formation of the quality assurance project plan, site surveying and installation, choosing and setting up monitoring equipment, creation of hydrologic and water quality monitoring procedures, interaction with laboratory testing methods, proper analysis of collected data and finalization of the technical evaluation report.
The paper provides valuable insight into the process; the dos and don'ts of field testing under the TAPE protocol and recommendations to assist municipalities and industrial NPDES permit holders that are setting up their own field testing programs. Further insight will be provided into the performance of biofiltration BMPs for a variety of pollutants monitored during the test period. This will assist consulting engineers, project owners, and contractors by providing methods for verifying various BMP performances to ensure successful site implementation. An overview of performance efficiencies for TSS, metals, nutrients, bacteria and hydrocarbons will be provided and compared with benchmarks set by the Department of Ecology for each of these pollutants.
Since the testing was performed at a City of Portland Maintenance Facility it provides an excellent opportunity for both local and out of state participants to explore local rainfall characteristics, testing requirements, and regulations. As the TAPE protocol is being adopted by more and more states this presentation provides valuable insight into a protocol that is gaining support across the nation.

Primary Speaker:
Zach Kent, Modular Wetland Systems, Inc.
Zach Kent is the Chief Operations Officer for Modular Wetland Systems, Inc. and Stormwater Design Engineer for Bio Clean Environmental Services, Inc. Zach remains an ardent student of current and changing environmental regulations and policies as he oversees compliance challenges within both companies. Zach, in conjunction with his design team, works with numerous engineers, cities and municipalities to provide assistance in designing traditional and unique stormwater treatment solutions. He has over ten years of stormwater design experience, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in High Technology Management. His various Certificates for stormwater include: Certified Stormwater Inspector for Erosion Control.