Municipal Planning for Alternative Compliance

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 13 2:45pm to 3:15pm
Track / Session:
San Diego Spotlight / Innovative Approaches to Watershed and Coastal Stormwater Management

The 2013 San Diego Regional MS4 Permit was adopted with provision to allow municipal co-permittees the option to create an “Alternative Compliance Program” (ACP) to satisfy certain development planning standards. ACPs are to be in conjunction with a Watershed Management Area Analysis (WMAA) and provide an in lieu path to meet structural Best Management Practice performance standards associated with pollutant treatment and hydromodification management. ACPs are of high relevance to stormwater program managers and developers throughout the San Diego Region, as many are currently evaluating the feasibility of specific proposed projects, in-lieu fees, and/or water quality credits systems. They also are intended promote management of stormwater as a resource, retrofit existing development, and incentivize projects that result in equivalent or better environmental value compared to the traditional on-site approach.
This discussion will focus on recent planning efforts completed by the City of Escondido to evaluate feasibility and develop a prioritized implementation of ACP project sites. The audience will gain a clear understanding of:
1. Cost effective rapid screening criteria to identify and evaluate potential candidate sites
2. Defensible technical approach to satisfy WMAA environmental equivalency standards
3. Tools to evaluate other relevant factors influencing design, permitting, and cost
4. How to use this information to create a prioritized implementation plan, and understand the scale and significance of how ACP might fit into the development scheme of other municipalities within the San Diego Region
The discussion will include a question and answer period, and allow for audience members to share thoughts or progress regarding other similar work related to ACPs.

Primary Speaker:
Richard Lucera, Michael Baker International
Mr. Lucera is a Vice President and Senior Project Manager with Michael Baker International’s Carlsbad office. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware and his Masters in Engineering from Penn State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California and has earned certifications in flood control management and erosion and sediment control. He has established himself as an industry leader in the fields of stormwater design and water quality analysis. Mr. Lucera’s 24 years of experience include capital infrastructure design, hydrology/hydraulics, BMP siting and construction, drainage improvements, stormwater permit compliance, feasibility studies and plan checking and third party review. His client list includes local Southern California cities, counties, schools, Caltrans, private developers and the U.S. Navy.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Helen Davies, City of Escondido Environmental Programs