Nature-Based Strategies for the El Dorado Regional Stormwater Facility

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 11:30am to 12:00pm
Track / Session:
Track: Stormwater Infrastructure and Natural Waterways / Session 1

The Lower San Gabriel River Watershed Management Program (LSGR WMP) Group has been charged with achieving reductions of pollutants in the San Gabriel River, Coyote Creek, and San Jose Creek waterbodies. In accordance to the plans outlined in the LSGR WMP, a regional project was identified at an undeveloped site on the southern portion of El Dorado Regional Park. The project is intended to intercept the dry-weather flow and a sizeable portion of the stormwater flows from the Artesia- Norwalk drain prior to discharging into the Coyote Creek channel.
The project design addressed the technical challenges for this project, while developing creative solutions to ensure technical feasibility. While there are many options for the El Dorado Regional Project, the design approach evaluated the full range of identified outcomes and constraints for this project. The proposed facility consists of a 13.9 ac-ft treatment wetland that will provide stormwater capture and treatment while also adding to local natural amenities and plans for the area. This stormwater treatment wetland will feature the following key components:
• 20 cfs diversion at Wardlow Rd. with inflatable dam and drop-inlet structure,
• Pumping to existing upsized infrastructure for conveyance along other existing infrastructure to the treatment wetland site,
• Pretreatment at multiple points to ensure effective pollutant reduction and minimized maintenance frequency,
• A series of 7 connected wetland ponds with pathways between where utility conflicts exist for recreation,
• Pumped outflows with emergency storage emptying at existing Coyote Creek outfall.
Participants of this session will have an understanding of how to transition from the development of a watershed management plan and the key steps for the development of a technologically advanced stormwater BMP project. The session will include an interactive discussion about project prioritization, BMP project benefits, design considerations, and the value of advanced stormwater capture strategies for water supply.

Primary Speaker:
Oliver Galang, Craftwater Engineering, Inc.
Oliver Galang is a licensed Professional Engineer and Principal with the Craftwater Engineering Inc. (CEI) with over 26 years of planning, design, construction and program management of multi-million dollar municipal capital improvement projects, specifically in water resources and stormwater infrastructure throughout Southern California. He has his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from California State University, Fullerton. He has also taken graduate studies in Engineering Management from Cal Poly Pomona.
Supporting Speaker 1:
John Hunter, John L Hunter and Associates
John Hunter is the President of John L Hunter and Associates. He is the consultant to the Lower San Gabriel River Watershed Management Group for the development and implementation of the Lower San Gabriel River Watershed Management Program.
Supporting Speaker 2:
Melissa You, City of Long Beach
Melissa You is the Compliance Officer for the City of Long Beach Public Works Department's Stormwater/Environmental Compliance Division.