One Size (Standard) Does Not Fit All! Understanding Post-construction Standards for Non-Traditional Small MS4s Subject to the Construction General Permit.

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 17 9:40am to 10:10am
Grand Ballroom G
Track / Session:

With the 2012 Phase-in of the Post-Construction Standards in the Construction General Permit (CGP), and the adoption of the Small MS4 permit, newly designated Non-Traditional Small MS4s must navigate the changing landscape of new Post-Construction Standards.
Who are these Non-Traditional Small MS4s?
How does their designation status change the post-construction standards they must meet?
When are they subject to the post-construction standards in the CGP?
This presentation will provide an overview of theses overlapping standards using scenario based case studies for a school district, university, military facility and VA Hospital, all Non-traditional MS4s subject to these new standards. The presentation will compare and contrast these requirements, making sense of the complex regulatory framework, and summarizing the available tools and guidance. The presentation will outline the concrete next steps these Non-Traditional Small MS4s can take to develop policies and procedures to ensure their new development projects comply with these requirements.
The overview will include engaging the audience through interactive exercises via their smartphones, tablets or laptops using mobile learning technology. This can be done easily, provided an internet connection is available at the conference site.

Primary Speaker:
Patricia Samora, URS Corporation
Patricia Samora, PE, ToR and QSD, has assisted numerous non-traditional Small MS4s in understanding these changing standards, and implementing practical policies, procedures and programs to ensure cost-effective compliance with these standards. Ms. Samora is a former Navy Civil Engineer Corps Officer and Small MS4 Program Administration for the City of Falls Church. Ms. Samora is currently a Water Resource Engineer with URS Corporation.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Nicole Rieger, URS Corporation