Optimizing Best Management Practices and Sustainability with an Integrated Drainage Plan – County of San Diego, California

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 16 3:05pm to 3:35pm
Track / Session:
Track: Resiliency and Sustainability / Session 8

The purpose of the Integrated Drainage Plan is to identify opportunities for water quality and flood control improvements specific to northern Winter Gardens Boulevard, located in the unincorporated community of Lakeside in San Diego County. The project serves as a pilot comprehensive drainage plan that allows the County to plan water quality projects in a manner than optimizes sustainable water quality benefits, costs, and provides additional multi-benefits where feasible. The plan initially identified 14 potential project locations within the 925-acre Winter Gardens watershed study area. Through a series of meetings and workshops, the project team evaluated the projects both individually and in series to select the collection of projects that worked together to achieve water quality compliance goals while minimizing costs and maximizing multi-benefits. While this effort presented a single Preferred Scenario, the information obtained in the process can be used for future projects in the Winter Gardens drainage area, and the process can be performed for other watersheds. At this time, the County is coordinating with key stakeholders to solidify implementation options and explore recreation benefits.

Pilot projects are commonly used by municipalities to help determine the best approach to meet their objectives. Municipalities are often progressing with a focus on multiple objectives in their search for sustainable projects for their areas.

This technical presentation will discuss the tools, ideas, and concepts considered for this project, as well as the challenges and lessons learned. The audience member will have a better understanding of the formulation of multi-benefit projects, specifically for both water quality and flood control.

Primary Speaker:
Stephanie Shamblin Gray, HDR, Inc.
Stephanie Shamblin Gray is an Assistant Project Manager with HDR in Southern California and the company’s Southwest Stormwater Lead. She has more than 12 years of experience in planning and design of wastewater, recycled water, and storm water projects.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Charles Mohrlock, County of San Diego - Watershed Protection Program
Charles Mohrlock is a Civil Engineer in the County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program with over 10 years of experience in flood control and water quality. Mr. Mohrlock’s recent efforts include participation in the County’s capital stormwater BMP program, and development of offsite alternative compliance and green street programs.