Our Water Our World Building Bridges between Government Agencies and Manufacturers and Retailers Who Sell Pesticides

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 26 2:45pm to 3:15pm
Convention Center 202
Track / Session:
Municipal Programs Track / Public Outreach

A viable pesticide outreach program with retailers who sell pesticides creates trust with sponsoring government agencies.One of the key tools in success with reducing pesticide runoff in urban areas is to be able to anticipate seasonal pest outbreaks and invasive pests. Informing the retailers and continuing to mentor them with appropriate practices further builds and cements the relationship. The retailers then guide the consumers to less toxic practices and products. The Our Water Our World (OWOW) program has helped raise the awareness of seasonal pests before their outbreak and guides them using a pest calendar . The program also informs the retailers and the public about invasive pests coming to the area. The training and mentoring of retail employees and the mentoring of the consumers who shop at these stores reduces the unnecessary applications of toxic pesticides.
Join in to learn about the unique partnerships that have been formed with Mosquito and Vector Control Districts, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, wholesale plant growers, and pesticide manufacturers to help reduce pollutants in the waterways.

Primary Speaker:
Ann Joseph, Ann Joseph Consulting
Primary Speaker Biography: 

Ann is an independent consultant in over 7 counties working with the Our Water Our World Program, which partners with water pollution prevention agencies, household hazardous waste agencies, wastewater treatment agencies, and retail stores who sell pesticides. The goal is to reduce pesticide and nutrient runoff into the local waterways and to guide retail stores and consumers to alternatives to organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroids. Collaborates closely with business and industry professionals to reach these goals.