Phase II - Lessons Learned Organizing Locally and Regionally in the North Bay

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Oct 21 9:05am to 9:35am
Track / Session:
Municipal Permits: Navigating Requirements and Overcoming Obstacles / Overcoming Challenges

The communities in San Francisco North Bay have been taking action to address stormwater pollution since the early 1990s. The early programs were premised on the San Francisco Bay Basin Plan. The actions taken by MS4s have been enhanced over the years in response to evolving regulatory requirements and community needs. In early 2013 the State Water Resources Control Board reissued the permit that regulates discharges of stormwater from small municipalities. This permit provided the opportunity for the North Bay communities to rethink their programs and their relationships, internally within each municipality, between the local municipalities and the countywide program, and more innovatively between the countywide programs (Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Solano) to create a regional approach for some of the program elements.
This presentation will provide attendees with practical knowledge and insights to bring into their programs on the value of the relationships. In particular the following themes will be used to illustrate the progress North Bay communities have made to meet their own water quality outcomes and the regulatory requirements.
• Reorienting existing to new regulatory regime – matching current efforts to regulatory checkboxes
• Expanding regional collaboration to achieve better uniformity – creating a uniform approach to post construction and LID and program effectiveness assessment
• Lessons learned from implementation of dry weather field screening at the countywide level
• Reexamining relationships between county-wide and local responsibilities – through construction site controls, development of local ordinances, and implementation of Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination requirements
• Engaging the Regional Water Board in a collaborative effort to interpret permit requirements to support effective and efficient implementation
• Continuing implementation of 2003 Stormwater Management Plan requirements during the first two intense year of planning

Primary Speaker:
Sandy Mathews, Larry Walker Associates
Sandy Mathews, is an Associate with LWA. Sandy has more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing water quality compliance programs for industrial and construction sites, municipalities, and federal facilities. Sandy assists municipalities throughout California implement stormwater program elements and planning for TMDLs and monitoring programs. Sandy works with numerous Phase II municipalities throughout California. Sandy is an active member of CASQA’s Phase II Subcommittee and is the Chair of the Construction Subcommittee. Sandy serves as a CASQA Director.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Terri Fashing, Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program