Phase II Non-Traditional Stormwater Tools and Approaches

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 13 4:20pm to 4:50pm
Sunset III
Track / Session:
Phase II MS4 Permit / Phase II MS4 Permit

Non-traditional Phase 2 permittees face challenges that are similar to other Phase 2’s, but unique in how each permittee can address the requirements. From transit agencies to schools, even non-traditionals are not alike, but share the same requirements. This presentation will review tools and strategies for implementation of recent and upcoming Phase II permit requirements affecting non-traditional permittees. Requirements addressed will include:
• Post-Construction Inspection
• GIS and apps for drainage, BMP, and O&M inspections
• Apps for hot-spot assessment
• CASQA Municipal Handbook for operations inspections
• CASQA Municipal Handbook as a Post-Construction O&M Plan
• SWPPP template for hotspots
This presentation will engage the audience by walking an on-site area and doing a sample site/hotspot assessment using a Google form (Facility Assessments: Then the audience would return to the classroom and walk through a SWPPP template that will be developed for the hotspot with the audiences input. Finally, the presentation will identify, with the help of the audience, inspection redundancy and how current level of effort can be leveraged to reduce future compliance cost.

Primary Speaker:
Rachael Keish, Keish Environmental
Rachael Keish has 17 years of experience in civil engineering, specializing in environmental engineering, stormwater, and construction mitigation compliance. Rachael has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley. She assists agencies with stormwater program compliance under NPDES permits. As CEO of Keish Environmental she oversees environmental compliance on projects such as the BART Silicon Valley Extension. Rachael is active in CASQA, WTS, CMAA, APWA, CWPA, and ASCE, currently serving as the San Francisco Section ASCE Sustainability Committee Chair and CASQA Non-Traditional Phase 2 MS4 Workgroup coordinator.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Brian Currier, Water Programs at Sacramento State