Preparing for Track 2 - A Practical Guide to Complying with the Statewide Trash Amendments

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 26 10:20am to 10:50am
Convention Center 202
Track / Session:
Municipal Programs Track / Trash Management

The “Trash Amendments” adopted by the State Water Board in April 2015 went into effect in mid-2017. As a result of the Amendments, nearly all Phase I and II (traditional and non-traditional) MS4s in California are required to significantly reduce the amount of trash discharged from their stormwater conveyance system. Cities, counties and other entities must choose one of two pathways to achieve compliance – Track 1 (Install and Maintain Full Capture Systems) or Track 2 (Demonstrate Full Capture Equivalency). It is highly likely that the vast majority of MS4s in California will choose to address the Amendments through Track 2 due to the configuration of their stormwater conveyance systems, interest in implementing actions focused more on pollution prevention and source controls as opposed to stormwater infrastructure retrofits, or because trash is not present at problematic levels within their priority land uses designated by the State. Those MS4s that choose Track 2 will need to establish a method that is acceptable to the State/Regional Board and demonstrates that actions other than full capture systems have achieved acceptable levels of trash reduction. This presentation will provide a practical guide and accepted methodology for establishing baseline trash levels, demonstrating full capture equivalency and complying with the Trash Amendments. The presentation will include a step-by-step approach that Phase I and Phase II MS4s can use to comply with the Trash Amendments, including how to most effectively develop baseline trash generation maps, develop and implement a statistically-derived on-land visual assessment program, account for the water quality benefits of pollution prevention and source controls, and calculate trash reductions associated with control measures and observed environmental outcomes.

Primary Speaker:
Chris Sommers, EOA, Inc.
Primary Speaker Biography: 

Chris has over 17 years of consulting and project management experience and specializes in stormwater trash/litter management and water quality monitoring and assessment strategies. Chris has provided invaluable regulatory and technical guidance to public agencies throughout California on trash management and assessment. He is highly regarded as one of the leaders in stormwater trash management in California. Chris has managed a number of trash related projects, including the San Francisco Bay Area Stormwater Trash Generation Rates project used to develop city/county Trash Generation Maps, and the Trash BMP Toolbox that previously received a CASQA award for outstanding stormwater implementation project. He most recently advised the State Water Board staff on trash management and assessment requirements associated with the Statewide Trash Amendments.