QISP Forum

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Wednesday, Sep 14 11:00am to 12:05pm
Sunset I & II
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QISP Forum / QISP Forum

With the Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioner training program released in May 2016, there are hundreds of new QISPs across the State, many of whom are actively engaged in performing evaluations associated with the Exceedance Response Action Level 1 process. This will be an interactive forum for QISPs to share experiences, discuss the tough issues associated with developing appropriate site-specific recommendations, review the key aspects of the ERA Level 1 process, as well as discuss strategic positioning for Dischargers likely to move to ERA Level 2. This forum will also provide a mechanism to provide feedback on the QISP training program, including potential improvements/ enhancements.

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Rich Muhl, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board: Rich Muhl is a Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist in the Enforcement and Compliance Section, Storm Water Unit at the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board in Rancho Cordova.  Rich has been working with construction, industrial and municipal storm water management issues for over 18 years.  Prior to joining the Regional Board 14 years ago, Rich worked as a consultant designing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, implementing and monitoring BMPs, and closely working with developers, industrial facilities and municipalities on storm water and other water quality issues.  Prior to working with storm water Rich was in the building materials and building industry for over 20 years.  Rich has a BA in Management Systems and Personnel from Buena Vista College in Storm Lake Iowa and a MS in Environmental Management from National University in San Diego California.

Kevin Murphy, Water Programs at Sacramento State: Kevin Murphy is the Engineering Manager for Office of Water Programs at Sacramento State, where he has worked on stormwater applied research and management projects for the past 16 years.  Prior to working at OWP, he was a project engineer for Radian Corporation for 8 years, working mostly on remedial investigation and design projects.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.  His main areas of interest are stormwater treatment, monitoring, and training.

Laurel Warddrip, State Water Resources Control Board: Laurel Warddrip has worked for the State Water Resources Control Board since 2008 developing Storm Water Permits. She holds a BS in ecology and biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and is currently the Industrial and Construction Storm Water Unit Chief.

Matt Zucca, Erler & Kalinowski, Inc.: For over thirteen years, Mr. Zucca has provided technical consulting services on a wide range of industrial stormwater projects, including as part of citizen lawsuits filed by environmental groups for alleged violations of the Clean Water Act, compliance evaluations of large industrial facilities, preparation of stormwater pollution prevention plans, and design and construction management of stormwater treatment systems.  During his thirteen years of experience, Mr. Zucca has also developed and implemented staff training programs to help ensure ongoing compliance with stormwater regulations.  Mr. Zucca is both a Trainer of Record and Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner for the State Water Board’s Industrial Stormwater Permit.  He is currently part of the fifteen-person Industrial General Permit Training Team, which is responsible for developing the training program for the QISP position.  As part of recent work, he has given numerous presentations regarding IGP to industry associations and lobbying groups to assist the regulated community regarding IGP compliance.