QSD / QSP Forum

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 17 10:55am to 12:00pm
Grand Ballroom G
Track / Session:

The QSD/QSP Forum featured at the annual CASQA Conference is an excellent opportunity for QSDs and QSPs to come together to share information and experiences. It is a valuable resource tool for construction industry professionals working with the confines of the current Construction General Permit (Permit).

The proposed format for this year’s QSD/P Forum will be similar to past forums. A four member panel of experts will be available to answer questions and provide informative feedback to the group. While previous forums have been an audience-driven “Question and Answer” exchange, this year’s one-hour moderated forum will focus on the State Water Board and Regional Water Quality Boards concerns about how some QSPs are implementing the Permit. Prior to the Forum, several Board staff will be asked to provide a short list of their concerns, which will then be presented to the group for open discussion and comments from our expert panel members.

The actual topics for the forum will be dependent on the responses from the polled individuals. However, an example may be: “We are hearing from regulators that training provided to personnel designated by the QSPs is not sufficient for implementing SWPPP activities. What type of training are you, as QSPs, requiring that individuals possess when you delegate your QSP duties?”
Individual members of the panel are still under consideration, and may include an environmental attorney familiar with the CGP, one or two regulators (thus far, Ejigu Solomen, from RWQCB R4, has agreed to participate on the panel) and a practicing QSD/QSP.

Primary Speaker:
Shanda Beltran, Building Industry Association of Southern California
Shanda Beltran is an environmental attorney with more than 15 years of experience in the areas of water quality, storm water pollution, wetlands, and water supply matters. In 2013, Ms. Beltran joined the Building Industry Association of Southern California and Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation, as their Executive Vice President and General Counsel, where she manages the litigation activities of BIASC and the regulatory and litigation activities of the BILD Foundation. Ms. Beltran acts as a resource for BIASC members on land use, planning and environmental issues. Ms. Beltran received her J.D. and her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.
Supporting Speaker 1:
John Slayton, Southern California Edison
Supporting Speaker 2:
Ejigu Solomon, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board