QSD / QSP Forum

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Oct 21 10:55am to 12:00pm
Track / Session:
QSD / QSP Forum / QSD / QSP Forum

The QSD/QSP Forum featured at the annual CASQA Conference is an excellent opportunity for QSDs and QSPs to come together to share information and experiences. It is a valuable resource tool for construction industry professionals working with the confines of the current Construction General Permit (Permit).

The proposed format for this year’s QSD/P Forum will be similar to that of last year’s forum. A three to four member panel of experts will be available to answer questions and provide informative feedback to the group. The one-hour forum will focus on two separate topics. First, conversation will focus on concerns that have triggered Regional Water Quality Boards (RWQCBs) to issue construction site notices of violation. Secondly, conversation will focus on technology and how it may be aiding QSD/Ps in making a difference.

Prior to the Forum, several RWQCB staff will be asked to provide a short list of their observations triggering issuance of notices of violations, and their accepted practices of the use of technology on construction sites, which will then be presented to the group for open discussion and comments.

The final topics for the forum will be dependent on the responses from the polled RWQCBs. An example question posed to the RWQCB may be: “Many QSPs are utilizing inspection software to perform inspections. Is your RWQCB staff requiring hardcopies of reports onsite or is access to the digital reports (e.g. via an iPad) sufficient?”

Individual members of the panel are still under consideration, and may include a CGP-ToR, a regulator and two practicing QSD/QSPs.

Primary Speaker:
Melanie Sotelo, CASC Engineering and Consulting (moderator)
TBD after panel selection.