SANTrack- An innovative application to assist with stormwater compliance at the San Diego International Airport.

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 4:20pm to 4:50pm
Garden 3
Track / Session:

Changing stormwater compliance requirements under the Industrial, Municipal, and Construction permits along with the growing operational needs of the San Diego International Airport have required that the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA) re-assess their data collection and management processes. These factors initiated brainstorming sessions which have lead to the development of SANTrack, an innovative web based stormwater compliance application.

The purpose of this presentation is to showcase SANTrack’s capabilities under the industrial model. The industrial model includes tenant profile management, industrial compliance inspections, analysis and reporting. Potential future modules and enhancements will also be highlighted.

A demonstration will be given to highlight how information is captured, transmitted, and used in SANTrack.

Primary Speaker:
Anna Wernet, AMEC
Anna Wernet has over nine years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, four of which have been with AMEC. Her experience includes project coordination and strategic planning between multiple parties; data management and analysis; SANTrack development and expansions; and stormwater monitoring. Ms. Wernet also has experience in assessing Best Management Practices (BMPs) within commercial, residential, construction, municipal and industrial facilities, and determining potential stormwater concerns. Ms. Wernet has recently been working on standardization of procedures and protocols for construction and stormwater programs.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Brad Michael, AMEC