Storm Water & Drought: Compliments and Conflicts

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 10:00am to 10:30am
Grand Ballroom G
Track / Session:

With drought conditions expected statewide by the end of the year, Californians are being hit hard with advertising, presentations and general conversations about water conservation and preserving water supplies. While many drought messages compliment storm water pollution prevention education efforts, there are many others that conflict with traditional storm water message strategies. Staff from the City of San Diego's award-winning Think Blue campaign will discuss how to identify and address these compliments and conflicts. The Think Blue team will discuss practical strategies for a strategic integrated approach to creating common communication goals for water and storm water agencies serving the same region. Speaking from experience and with fresh information in hand, the Think Blue team will share the missteps, recovery efforts, team-building and program development linking water and storm water in San Diego.

Primary Speaker:
Tim Graham, City of San Diego
Tim Graham is a Senior Public Information Officer with the City of San Diego Storm Water Division. Mr. Graham is a co-writer for the City's award-winning Think Blue advertising campaign and manages the Storm Water Division's media placement efforts. He is also the Division's liaison with the on-air media professionals helping to deliver real time drought and pollution prevention messages.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Bill Harris, City of San Diego