Strategies on Inciting Accountability into Your Outreach Programs

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 14 9:45am to 10:15am
Track / Session:
Public Information and Outreach / Is Your Outreach Program Working?
Short Description: 
Address current issues with accountability in community outreach programs and strategies to improve involvement.

To increase community involvement and efficiently use public outreach resources, stormwater programs must connect individuals and organizations in problematic areas with how they impact water quality. Dissonance between the community and the environment leads to, at best, inconsistent involvement with water quality concerns, typically only focused on immediate and visible problems.

This presentation will cover strategies and a checklist to gain greater accountability and effectiveness in outreach goals including:
Deciding your your audience - listing the goals of your project, the strengths and needs of the population it will be serving, and the activities the volunteers will be engaged in with families and youth
Identifying Barriers - including finances, individual fears, physical limitations, apathy, or competition from other programs
Selling your program - find practical solutions for motivation, communicate volunteers’ roles and responsibilities, emphasize the benefits of the program
Create recruitment materials - using interesting graphics for flyers, brochures, videos, and/or email, understanding audience needs, and making a personal “face” of the program
Recruitment strategies - covering from uncomplicated and cost-free to more complex and relatively inexpensive
Expanding your network - working with similar institutions, community resources, or special groups/populations
Other Issues to consider - recruitment volume and filtering and responsive service

A survey will be taken requiring the audience to participate by raising hands, followed up with questions regarding their answer to the survey questions. We will also show videos for emphasizing media as an asset.

With a more organized and researched approach to establishing stormwater programs, outreaches will be able to incite more involvement and change behavior of communities and improve their water source.

Primary Speaker:
Edward Dong, CloudCompli, Inc.