Strategies to Reduce Contaminants in Industrial Stormwater

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 17 9:05am to 9:35am
Garden 3
Track / Session:

With the adoption of the new Industrial Stormwater General Permit in California, industrial facilities will need to take exceedance response actions (ERAs) to numeric action level (NAL) exceedance. This presentation goes beyond the facility’s requirements on incorporating the specific minimum best management practices (BMPs) and addresses additional source control and operational BMPs to address NAL exceedance. Facilities consistently exceeding their NALs and moving towards Level 2 status will be required to submit a Level 2 ERA Action Plan. The action plan will require the discharger to address the drainage areas with NAL exceedance as well as determine the technology best suited for addressing the NAL exceedance. The presentation will explain how to select the right treatment technology depending on the type and quantity of pollutants, with a consideration for available footprint, cost, and operation and maintenance. Treatment systems including green infrastructure, passive enhanced filtration, downspout filtration, pressure sand filtration, chitosan enhanced sand filtration, and electro coagulation will be examined. Several case studies of installed treatment systems will be presented.

Primary Speaker:
Michael Chase, SoundEarth Strategies, Inc.
Mr. Chase, CPESC, QSD/QSP is well known in the construction and industrial water quality industries having over 25 years of experience in erosion and sediment control. He is also a water quality/filtration specialist and has designed and developed treatment systems and filtration equipment to remove contaminants from water and other fluids. Mr. Chase is a certified California Trainer of Record (ToR) and teaches QSD/QSP, CPESC, CPSWQ, CESSWI, and CSESC classes.