Sustainable Technology Solutions for MS4 Stormwater Permit Management

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 16 1:30pm to 2:00pm
Garden 3
Track / Session:

Class would benefit the following:
MS4/State/Federal stormwater inspectors, program managers, consultants, contractors, industrial businesses with stormwater exposures.

1. How a sustainable technology solution for managing the NPDES permit benefits MS4s
2. How to require electronic submittal and management of all NPDES related documentation
3. Specifics – document/submittal, review/approval, amendment process, field management/access, inspections, action items, official notices, compilation for management. For management of Construction, Industrial, IDDE, Post Construction and other MS4 program components.

Determine how todays technologies benefit MS4 stormwater programs
Discover what types of formats for management are allowed Federally, State to State, and locally
Understand how to require electronic submittal and management of all NPDES related documentation

The United States EPA requires compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits specific to local municipalities (MS4s). Applicable to many municipalities nationwide, these permits with their accompanying regulations and mandatory program components are required under the Federal Clean Water Act. Many municipalities are scrambling to figure out how to fund and manage these new permits and what tools can be employed to succeed in accomplishing their rigid standards.

Come and learn from an expert how MS4s are implementing today's technology to properly manage their NPDES programs.

Sustainable? Yes.
Green? You bet.
Emerging Technology? Definitely!

Primary Speaker:
Don Reynolds, accenaGroup
In August of 2007 Don Reynolds formed accenaGroup, LLC, in Utah to consult with businesses on storm water compliance. He has assembled a highly qualified group of people to provide consulting services, SWPPP development and onsite inspections. In addition, he has guided the development of an online inspection and reporting system, complianceGO, for storm water compliance for municipality, construction and industrial use. Don has also received his Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) certification as a storm water inspector. Don has also provided training to municipal personnel and private businesses in industrial storm water compliance in Utah. He sits as a member of the Utah Storm Water Advisory Council (USWAC) in Utah. Don is a graduate of Brigham Young University.