Systems Approach to Multi-Benefit Stormwater Management in an Urbanized Setting

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 10:30am to 11:00am
Track / Session:
Track: Municipal Program Implementation / Session 1

Integrating Stormwater Management in a populated and active community is a problem that our practice faces with increasing frequency. The Green Alleys Master Plan (Plan), a joint effort between Los Angeles County Public Works (Public Works) and Weston Solutions Inc\@., envision a drop-in solution for stormwater management in an urbanized setting that could include amenities and education for the surrounding community. The goal of the Plan is to reimagine public alley spaces to support public health, safety, wayfinding, and beautification while improving localized stormwater management. By leveraging a systems approach and a carefully selected pallet of permeable surfaces, dry wells, bioswales, and security features, the Plan seeks to address and inspire public works problems with the diverse, and sometimes complicated, stakeholder requirements.

Alleys provide unique opportunities for multi-benefit stormwater management projects as they are typically under utilized open spaces. By first identifying locations where an alley could be a platform for stormwater management, we could then implement multi-use components with the intent of making valuable positive impacts to the surrounding community.

The audience will learn how the Plan used a systems approach, or a discipline that involves looking at a problem in its entirety which includes social and technical aspects. The presented concepts and tools will consist of: A demonstration of requirements engineering tools to include requirements diagramming and use-case analysis; the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure's Envision Rating will be discussed and analyzed for applicability; and a discussion of agile approaches with the purpose of facilitating scope change awareness.

Protecting water quality and water supply are at the fore-front of the Green Alleys Master Plan. The approaches utilized seek to design an effective solution that balances system-of-systems paradigms crucial to building consensus where stormwater infrastructure directly interface with the public. Systems Engineering, and the tools that the discipline provides, have been trusted to successfully implement resilient solutions in other disciplines. The future of stormwater management require not only an advancement in technology but also, advancements in our planning and thought processes of which this presentation seeks to elucidate.

Primary Speaker:
TJ Moon, Los Angeles County
TJ Moon is a Senior Civil Engineer with the Los Angeles County Public Works and has been actively working to address stormwater quality issues for the County for the past 16 years. Mr. Moon seeks to develop innovative and multi-benefit solutions to address stormwater issues.
Supporting Speaker 1:
Hans Tremmel, Weston Solutions, Inc.
Hans Tremmel is a Senior Project Manager with the Weston Solutions Inc. Mr. Tremmel has over 12 years of experience in flood control, water conservation, and water quality design. Mr. Tremmel seeks innovative solutions to address water supply and stormwater management in Southern California.