The Value of Stormwater Pilot Testing as a Decision-Making Tool for Facility Managers, Consultants and Suppliers

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 4:30pm to 5:00pm
Track / Session:
Track: Industrial / Session 4

When properly executed, pilot tests can be a valuable tool for facility managers, consultants and suppliers to demonstrate how a specific stormwater treatment system can be successfully integrated into a site. Pilot demonstrations generate representative data that can be then be used to extrapolate the result into a full-scale installation. Critical information garnered from these pilot demonstrations assists facility managers in making informed decisions about how and where to apply their financial resources towards their stormwater management planning, and ultimately to gauge the cost of attaining their target discharge water quality goals. The presentation defines what pilot demonstrations are; how they are carried out; what information can be gathered by carrying them out; and their benefits and drawbacks. Lastly, the presentation will discuss lessons learned from actual California pilot demonstrations. During the session, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences with pilot testing from their own perspectives.

Primary Speaker:
Chris Fromme, StormwateRx LLC
Chris Fromme, Southwest Regional Manager for StormwateRx LLC, oversees sales and implementation of stormwater treatment installations in California and Nevada. Mr. Fromme has over 17 years of stormwater treatment experience, along with 10 years of experience in environmental protection, including wetlands restoration and mitigation. He lends his expertise in industrial and municipal stormwater management and treatment, environmental restoration and construction to the success of every industrial stormwater treatment installation. Mr. Fromme earned a BA in Political Science from San Diego State University.