A Walk in a Park and Urban BMPs: Los Angeles County

Stormwater Field Tour: Los Angeles County
Speakers / Organizations: 

Melanie Sotelo, CASC Engineering and Consulting

This field tour starts with a “Walk in a Park” featuring a once impaired, but now restored community park lake. The tour will view features incorporated into the park to restore the lake, including hydrodynamic separators, a constructed wetlands, and recirculation and aeration facilities.

The field tour continues with a visit to a city whose urban runoff management program maintains sustainability and the environment at its forefront. The tour will view an advanced stormwater purification plant designed to aesthetically and artfully blend into the community while integrating elements designed to assist residents and visitors to understand the workings of the facility. The tour will also visit simpler, yet eloquently integrated BMPs that are part of the public works fabric of this community.

Time permitting; the tour will have the opportunity to view a successful regional wetlands on the way back to the conference facility.


Melanie Sotelo, CASC Engineering and Consulting

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Additional Information:

Registration is limited to 50 people.

Lunch is provided.

This field tour is expected to require less rigorous walking than the A Walk in a Wetlands field tour.

The 2014 CASQA Annual Conference field tours will involve getting on and off the bus at several stops, being outdoors in the elements, and walking on a combination of paved, unpaved, landscaped, natural, and uneven surfaces. Field casual clothing with closed-toe shoes or light boots are required. Hard hats and safety vests are not required. Attendees are encouraged to bring cameras. Due to tour site access requirements, all field tour attendees must travel via the transportation provided through the CASQA 2014 Conference.