A Walk in a Wetlands and LID BMP Assessment: Inland Empire

Stormwater Field Tour: Inland Empire
Speakers / Organizations: 

Jeff Endicott, CASC Engineering and Consulting

This field tour starts with a “Walk in a Wetlands” featuring a regional, multi-jurisdictional constructed wetlands. The wetlands is located on land that was once the site of a vibrant dairy industry where feed lots and manure spreading grounds supported milk production. After the dairies ceased operations, the area became a magnet for illegal dumping. The once degraded area is now being transformed into a cutting-edge, constructed wetlands that improves water quality in its suburban watershed and provides the community with recreation and educational opportunities. The field tour includes a multi-hour walk through the key elements of the wetlands, including the inlet, the main wetlands, the integrated recreation and education components, and the wetlands outlet.

The field tour continues with a visit to a low impact development and water conservation testing facility. The facility features site integrated, full-scale best management practices that have been constructed with extensive monitoring capabilities to help establish the long-term effectiveness of the LID BMPs. Featured BMPs include bioretention, planter box filter, porous asphalt, porous concrete, permeable pavers, and California-friendly landscaping.

Time permitting; the tour will have the opportunity to view another successful regional wetlands on the way back to the conference facility.


Jeff Endicott, CASC Engineering and Consulting

8:00 Am - 5:00 PM

Additional Information:

Registration is limited to 50 people.

Lunch is provided.

This field tour includes a stop requiring roughly 2 hours of walking.

The 2014 CASQA Annual Conference field tours will involve getting on and off the bus at several stops, being outdoors in the elements, and walking on a combination of paved, unpaved, landscaped, natural, and uneven surfaces. Field casual clothing with closed-toe shoes or light boots are required. Hard hats and safety vests are not required. Attendees are encouraged to bring cameras. Due to tour site access requirements, all field tour attendees must travel via the transportation provided through the CASQA 2014 Conference.