What Do We Do Now? How a Quarry Implemented a Stormwater Program to Meet California Ocean Plan Requirements.

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 17 1:55pm to 2:25pm
Garden 3
Track / Session:

The presentation will provide a case study of stormwater management measures implemented by an industrial discharger subject to California Ocean Plan requirements. These programs will be compared to the requirements in the April 2014 Industrial General Permit (IGP). The methodology and programmatic strategies implemented will provide examples of compliance strategies for industrial dischargers subject to the more stringent requirements of the new IGP.

Connolly Pacific Co (CPCo) is a marine construction company operating a Rock Quarry supplying the California construction industry with a critical local resource of rip rap stone needed for the many projects underway in California. The Quarry has been operating since 1934. In 2004, the operators received a Cease and Desist order from the SWRCB, as did 26 other direct dischargers to Areas of Special Biological Signficance (ASBS), prohibiting the discharge of industrial stormwater from their facility to the Pacific Ocean or request an exception.

This presentation will discuss the parallel evolution of the California Ocean Plan General Exception and associated mitigation measures of the Special Protections with the CPCo stormwater management program. The challenges and solutions related to an existing industrial land use subjected to new regulatory requirements to ensure that discharges will be controlled to protect beneficial uses within the ASBS and to protect and maintain the natural hydrologic cycle and coastal ecology shall be presented.

The April 2014 IGP includes specific planning and monitoring requirements for discharges into an ASBS, discharges to impaired water bodies and direct discharges to the ocean. Facilities subject to the IGP will also be subject to waste load allocations upon implementation of total maximum daily loads as well as numeric action levels and exceedance response actions. This presentation will provide practical solutions to compliance with the new IGP using lessons learned from the implementation of the Special Protections.

Primary Speaker:
Kathryn Hubbard, Alta Environmental
Ms. Hubbard received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from Rutgers University. She is a CPSWQ, QSD and ToR. She has over 24 years of Environmental Compliance experience. Ms. Hubbard has prepared hundreds of SWPPPs for industrial sites and construction covering a wide range of facilities. In addition, she has been responsible for preparing development plans and programs as defined in the New Development/ Significant Re-Development portions of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permits. She has also performed numerous multi-media compliance audits throughout the United States. Her career includes working in consulting and within corporate management.