Where Land Meets Sea - Case Study of Stormwater Treatment at a Marine Barge Terminal

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Sep 14 9:10am to 9:40am
Track / Session:
Stormwater Treatment / Innovative Designs

Alaska Marine Lines and its sister company, Northland Services, provide marine freight transportation from Seattle, Washington to and from Alaska, Prince William Sound, Hawaii and the Yukon Territory of Canada. The 70-acre Terminal 115 facility in Seattle handles 750,000 tons of goods annually, making it one of the West Coast’s largest barge terminals. In 2011, AML initiated a program to retrofit its facilities with stormwater treatment to remove copper, zinc and turbidity from runoff. From 2011 to 2015, AML has been progressively retrofitting its yards with enhanced stormwater media filtration systems. In 2013, AML acquired Northland Services that had been operating a chitosan enhanced sand filtration system for stormwater pollution control. The facility currently has nearly 1000 gpm of treatment capacity installed. As a result of the Alaska Marine Lines’ stormwater improvements and the enhanced stormwater media filtration systems, the AML facilities that have had Aquip installed for more than two years have been able to qualify for consistent attainment and are in full compliance.
This presentation will present historic performance of chitosan enhanced sand filtration, and the enhanced stormwater media filtration systems, as well as address operating considerations. The presentation will include information on engineering, capital, installation and operating costs.

The presentation will contrast the California industrial General Permit with the similarly structured Oregon and Washington Industrial General Permits that are several years ahead of California and provide insight to the benefits of early implementation of advanced BMPs as a means to help companies stay out of the Exceedance Response Actions.

The speaker will engage the audience using a highly visual and data driven presentation format and solicit input on audience successes with minimum and advanced BMPs.

Primary Speaker:
Calvin Noling, StormwateRx LLC
Calvin Noling is the founder and a Principal Engineer with StormwateRx LLC. StormwateRx designs, manufactures, installs and maintains stormwater treatment systems for industrial customers, with more than 300 in operation around North America. Cal is frequently invited to speak about industrial stormwater controls and has published numerous technical papers on the subject. He is a member of the California Industrial General Permit Training Team and has been on the Oregon and Washington Industrial Stormwater Advisory Committees. He has BS and MS degrees in Environmental Engineering and is a licensed professional engineer in several states including California.