2012 Conference

By all accounts, CASQA’s 8th Annual Stormwater Conference held on November 5 - 7, 2012 at the Hilton San Diego in Mission Bay, California was a huge success! High marks were given by conference attendees to the quality and immediate usefulness of the information provided around the conference theme, the opportunity to network with colleagues, the location and ambience, as well as to the exhibitor area.

This year's conference theme was “Solving the Stormwater Compliance Puzzle.”  Monday featured 10 half-day, in-depth workshops (November 5) followed by two full days of concurrent session presentations (November 6 and 7). Additionally, all 10 Monday pre-conference Workshops were Webcast to hundreds of viewers. Over 90 technical papers were presented during the two full days of the main conference. The Keynote address, Awards ceremony, as well as one technical track were also webcast, as a bonus to webcast subscribers. Conference participants found an array of training, learning and networking opportunities in the following stormwater areas listed below under "2012 Conference Tracks".

Despite the down economy and restricted travel budgets, attendance at the 2012 conference set a record, with almost 700 participants, including vendors and speakers, over the three days. The one-day pre-conference workshops had over 450 participants. Our Keynote Speaker was Chad Pregracke, Founder & President of Living Lands & Waters--America's only "industrial-strength" river cleanup organization. Mr. Pregracke gave a humorous and inspiring talk and received a standing ovation for his efforts to clean trash from our nation's waterways.

In addition to the program, a myriad of continuing education units (AICP, CPESC, CPSWQ, CESSWI, CWEA, and MCLE (State Bar)) were handed out and a Construction QSD/QSP Forum conducted as part of a Monday workshop and a Construction Trainer of Record Forum conducted early one morning before the start of the conference program were both well attended. 

Thank you again to all of those that participated in the success of this year’s conference! And please set a budget item aside now for next year’s conference, September 9-11, 2013, in Lake Tahoe, CA. We hope to see you there!

2012 Conference Program and Presentations - PDF Files

Workshops Agenda - Monday, 11/5/12

Conference Program (all days)

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2012 Conference Participants

Conference participants list (general, speaker, exhibitor, webcast viewer) for the 8th Annual CASQA Conference that was held in San Diego, CA November 5 - 7, 2012.

2012 Conference Tracks

CLEAN WATER ACT: This track will celebrate local, regional and national accomplishments to mark the 40th anni­versary of the Act and the 25th anniversary of the Water Quality Act amendments that initiated stormwater regulation and also address ongoing challenges posed by these important laws.

CONSTRUCTION PERMIT: This track will focus on lessons learned during the second year under the reissued California Construction General Permit and recent advancements in construction permits nationwide including changes to numeric effluent limits and numeric action levels, post-construction requirements, risk assessment, sampling and monitoring, bioassessments, active treatment systems, and field compliance strategies.

INDUSTRIAL PERMIT: This track will focus on the existing and forthcoming California Industrial General Permit reissuance and related issues including innovative stormwater compliance strategies/case studies, BMP effectiveness evaluations, integrated MS4 and industrial discharge approaches, field compliance strategies, numeric effluent limits and numeric action levels, site monitoring, and practical solutions for industries.

MODIFYING PUBLIC BEHAVIOR: This track will focus on the challenges and solutions to changing public and business behavior including public education, training, inspec­tions, and enforcement.

PROGRAM ASSESSMENT: This track will focus on strategies to determine the effective­ness of stormwater programs including assessments of monitoring data, BMP effective­ness, effluent limits, numeric action levels, changes in polluting behaviors, and reductions in pollutant loading and also experiences from regulatory and third party audits.

REGULATIONS, PERMITS AND POLICIES: This track will focus on the latest developments in stormwater regulations, policies and permits including effluent limitations, receiving water limitations, the definitions of maximum extent practicable and waters of the United States, toxicity and trash policies, ASBSs, TMDLs, basin planning issues, and 303(d) listings.

SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES: This track will focus on monitoring and the latest research into stormwater management including data collection and evaluation, pollutant source tracking, emerging pollutants, new technologies, new monitoring and assessment tools, stormwater impacts and economic assessments.

STORMWATER TREATMENT: This track will focus on the most recent information on BMP design and guidance including development of standard plans, case studies, treat­ment efficiency, facility retrofitting, regional treatment, and multi-purpose facilities.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: This track will focus on tools for implementing low impact development (LID) and hydromodification requirements and related issues including integrated regional or watershed planning, green streets, smart growth, and stormwater harvesting and reuse.

TMDLS IN MS4 PERMITS: This track will focus on the impact of TMDL allocations as re­quirements in MS4 permits including TMDL permitting approaches, allocations as effluent limits or BMP programs, case studies on implementation, and non-point sources impacting the MS4.

TRUE SOURCE CONTROL: This track will focus on ways to protect streams, lakes and the ocean by reducing, substituting or eliminating harmful products and chemicals and through systematic approaches including producer responsibility zero waste, green chemistry, pesti­cide management, runoff elimination, water conservation, and multi-jurisdictional coordination.

2012 CASQA Award Winners

The mission of the CASQA Awards Program is to advance the stormwater quality management profession by identifying and recognizing exemplary leadership, outstanding projects, activities, and contributions to the field of stormwater quality management.

At its 8th Annual Stormwater Conference, CASQA made awards in the following categories:

Outstanding Stormwater BMP Implementation Award 

LA Sanitation-City of Los Angeles Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project

The LA Sanitation-City of Los Angeles partnered with North East Trees, a community-based nonprofit organization on the Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project. The project had two primary goals: to reduce the amount of polluted runoff that enters storm drains, streams and oceans, and to maximize the amount of stormwater recharged into aquifers to help offset water pumped out of aquifers by water agencies and other groundwater users. The Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project represents an exceptional, multi-use stormwater project in a number of important ways. Garvanza Park is a public park located in a heavily urbanized area of the northeast part of the Los Angeles where retrofit options are extremely limited. This project uses the existing park to house a below-ground water treatment facility, which not only enhances water quality, but also holds close to half of the collected rainwater for irrigation use within the park. It’s estimated that this project reduces pollutant loads in stormwater by 90 percent.


Outstanding Sustainable Stormwater Project Award

City of Elk Grove Rain Garden Plaza

The Elk Grove Rain Garden Plaza is a demonstration garden for sustainable stormwater landscape design, located in the heart of the City of Elk Grove adjacent to City Hall. The goal of the project is to educate, inspire and motivate residents and business owners to design and/or retrofit their landscapes using low-impact development (LID) features and eco-friendly landscaping. Through interactive features and interpretive signage, this accessible inviting Plaza teaches visitors of all ages to have fun as they learn about easy ways to reduce runoff, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, and use water efficiently, all while reducing greenhouse gases in the process.


View the CASQA Awards Ceremony Presentation

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