Registration: Webcast

Important Registration Instructions


  • Webcast registrations must be done through the account of the person who will be viewing the webcast, even if you are using another person's credit card.
  • Please do not register multiple people under one person's account.
  • If you are an admin registering someone else you must log into that person's account before registering.
  • To receive the member discount CASQA members must log in to their personal CASQA account before clicking "Buy now" to register.
  • Group webcasts:
    • Small Group (1-3 viewers) and Large Group (4-10 viewers) Webcast purchases authorize multiple individuals to view the webcast from a single viewing location (i.e., within a single office building either via one space / computer or via multiple spaces / computers).
    • An Areawide Webcast purchase is a distributed group webcast limited to the members of an areawide program. These viewers may be in various locations.

Webcast Access Instructions and System Requirements

  • Instructions to access the webcast will be sent to the email address of the registered person on the Monday or Tuesday before the meeting (or after if registered later) to allow time to test your system and ensure you have the correct software installed, sufficient bandwidth, and have access rights from your organization. Be sure to check your junk mailbox if you have not received the access instruction email by the day before the meeting.
  • This Video Webcast is only made available to users who have purchased a license from CASQA. Distribution of links to non-paying users is strictly prohibited, unless part of a group webcast as instructed in the bullet below. All user IP addresses are logged.
  • Additional instruction for group webcast purchases: It is the responsibility of the registered person for group webcasts (Small, Large, and Areawide) to distribute the access instructions to allowed participants per the description above. 

IMPORTANT: Instructions to Test Your System in Advance:

To better accommodate Windows and Macintosh users, the Video Webcast is streamed via Adobe Flash. Click this link to test:

If you do not see and hear the test stream, ensure that your speakers are turned up. If you require a new or updated installation of Adobe Flash Player, you can download it here 

Please note: 
  • You may require Administrator Rights on your computer and authorization from your organization’s IT department to install this software.
  • Although this test confirms your installation of Adobe Flash Player, please confirm with your own IT department that you have sufficient bandwidth and rights to view sustained live stream content without interruption.

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* The Members or State/Federal regulators rate is not available to City or County regulators.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for either attendees or webcast viewers, but substitution of an attendee or webcast viewer is allowed without charge or deadline.