How do I check if I'm a current CASQA member?

Quick Answer

Go to our Membership page and follow the instructions in the green sidebar to automatically determine if you are a member—and when your membership expires.

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Every CASQA member has a CASQA account. To check your membership status, please log in. It's easy to reset your password if you don't remember it. When you are logged in, you can access your account information by clicking the person icon at the top of every page, or visit the Membership page to find the expiration date of your membership.

Please note

If you are part of a group CASQA membership, the primary member must first add you as a sub-member to their online account before you will have access to your member benefits. Please contact your primary CASQA member to ask them to add you to their online account, which will generate an email notification to you with further instructions if needed to complete the activation of your sub-membership.