How do I purchase, renew, or re-purchase a CASQA membership?

Quick Answer

Visit our Membership Categories and Dues page to purchase a new CASQA membership. Log in to your CASQA account page to renew a membership you currently hold.

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Having a CASQA Membership helps you stay informed, grow professionally, and remain an active participant in stormwater quality issues. As a CASQA member, you can:

*Each group membership allows a limited number of sub-members.

Steps to Renew or Re-Purchase Your CASQA Membership

Membership expiration alert emails are sent to the primary CASQA member at 90, 60, 30, and 3 days before the expiration date.

Please note that CASQA does not send out invoices. If you need a pre-purchase invoice for your own purposes before making a purchase, you can select the Pre-Purchase Invoice tab on your CASQA account page to - create one or click here:

If your city population or business revenue has grown your organization into the next membership level, please contact us for help adjusting your membership level.

IMPORTANT: If not renewed by 11:59 PM Pacific time on the day before the expiration date, access to your CASQA member benefits will be denied. For those with group memberships access will also be denied for your sub-members. Member benefits include the Bi-Weekly Update, Water Quality NewsFlash, Member Library, and member discounts to products and events. If you did not renew your CASQA membership before the expiration, it can be re-purchased.

  1. The CASQA website does not support Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Please upgrade or use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome. 
  2. Renewals or re-purchases must be done through the account of the primary member. Log in to your CASQA account page.
  3. Select the Orders tab and look for the membership item that needs to be renewed or re-purchased; click 'renew' or 're-purchase'. There is no penalty for early renewal. Upon renewal, 12 months will be added to the original expiration date.

Note: Credit card is the only payment option. We do not accept check payments unless by special request and approved by CASQA.