How do I reset my password or validate my CASQA account?

Quick Answer

Passwords used on our old website are not valid on our new website. You will need to first validate your account before creating a password for our new website. Simply enter your email address and if we recognize that address, we'll send you a confirmation link so you can create your password. If we don't recognize your email address, we suggest you create a new account or contact us. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it at any time.

If you have not received an expected email from CASQA, it may be caught in a spam filter. Please try these trouble shooting steps:

  1. Check your spam folder for an email from
  2. Mark the email as "Not Spam" for future deliveries.
  3. Ask your system administrator to add both of these email addresses to the organization's whitelist to receive emails from CASQA:

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If you are a current CASQA member or customer, we will recognize your email address and will automatically create an account for you when you confirm/validate your email address and create your own password. Logging in to an online CASQA account will make it easy to manage your contact information, register for events, renew memberships and subscriptions, view the member News & Library, take advantage of member discounts, and subscribe or unsubscribe to our mailing list. When you are logged in, you can access your account information by clicking the person icon at the top of every page. 

Please note

If you are part of a group CASQA membership or a group BMP Handbook subscription, the primary member / primary subscriber must first add you as a sub-member / sub-subscriber to their online account before you will have your member benefits or access to the handbook subscription. Please contact your primary CASQA member or primary BMP Handbook subscriber to ask them to add you to their online account, which will generate an email invitation to you with further instructions to complete the activation of your sub-membership or sub-subscription.