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For additional valuable information here is a collection of links to other stormwater quality-related websites. This list includes group CASQA member organizations and agencies within the State of California and elsewhere. Also included are selected non-member organizations such as non-profits and state and federal agencies.

To request a link to be included on this page, please see the CASQA Policy and Procedure for Website Posting of Links at the bottom of this page and then contact usNote: Individual CASQA memberships are not eligible to be listed here.

State and Federal Agencies, Programs, and Projects

California Municipalities (City or County) with Stormwater Programs

Cities / Towns / Ports / Others

Construction, Industrial, State, Federal, or Institutional Permittees

California Non-profits with Interest in Stormwater Quality

  • California Coastkeeper Alliance - California Coastkeeper Alliance coordinates and supports the work of local California Waterkeeper programs in an effort to provide a statewide voice for safeguarding California’s waters and its world-renowned coast and ocean, for the benefit of all Californians and for California’s future.
  • California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC)
  • Clean Water Network - Working to keep the promise of the Clean Water Act.
  • Council for Watershed Health - To facilitate an inclusive consensus process to enhance the economic, social, and ecological health of the region's watersheds through education, research, and planning.
  • Earthwater - A nonprofit that sells storm drain stencils and curb markers as well as providing free resource and outreach materials for stormwater pollution prevention programs.
  • Heal the Bay - A nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to making Santa Monica Bay and Southern California coastal waters safe and healthy for people and marine life.
  • Project Clean Water - Regional stormwater management committee & what they're doing in the San Diego area.
  • Sacramento River Watershed Program - A group of stakeholders in the watershed that work together to ensure that the current and future uses of the river area are sustained, restored, and enhanced while promoting long-term social and economic vitality of the region.

General Stormwater Links

Member Consultants and Vendors

Listed companies are members of CASQA. No endorsement of specific companies, products, or services is intended by CASQA or any of its employees or agents, nor is criticism implied of similar companies, products, or services that are not listed.

CASQA Policy and Procedure for Website Posting of Links

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The following procedures must be adhered to for the posting of links to others’ websites on CASQA's website:

  1. To have a link on CASQA’s website to an organization’s website, the organization must: 1) be a current CASQA member, except in the case of federal and state agencies, 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, or associations and 2) have a demonstrated interest in stormwater quality management.
  2. An organization desiring to have a link to its site may make a request in writing to the Website Subcommittee Chair or CASQA Executive Director. Contact Us
  3. The Website Subcommittee Chair or Executive Director will check to ensure that the organization is a current CASQA member or meets the exception clause to CASQA membership.
  4. With confirmation of CASQA membership or meeting the exception clause, and a demonstrated interest in stormwater quality management, the Website Subcommittee Chair or Executive Director will ensure a link is created.

The preceding procedures do not overrule CASQA’s right to refuse creating a link on its website for reasons deemed sufficient solely by CASQA.