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This material is available to both CASQA members and non-members.

Vision for Stormwater

CASQA first established a Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management (Vision) in 2015. Over the past several years, CASQA has made updates to the Vision, reflective of advancements in stormwater and regulations. In 2019, CASQA included implementation of the Vision as a core part of setting organizational priorities for each year. Those actions were not only successful in taking significant steps forward, but also inspired new thinking and ideas. CASQA therefore completed an effort in 2020 to more fundamentally revise the Vision, and in so doing, chart the path forward to sustainable stormwater management. 

CASQA Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management (October 2020)

Annual Presentation

Every spring, CASQA makes rounds throughout the state visiting our member areawide municipal stormwater programs to give the annual CASQA presentation. The presentation includes a look back at accomplishments of the previous year and a look ahead for CASQA’s efforts in the current year. The presentations also give members an opportunity to provide feedback on CASQA’s activities. 

View or download the 2018 CASQA Annual Presentation

Annual Reports

The CASQA Annual Report includes a report from the CASQA Chair on the accomplishments of the year, subcommittee achievements, a look ahead at CASQA’s initiatives for the coming year, and more! 













Other Documents

Evaluation of the Magnesium Numeric Action Level (April 2020)

Brake Pad Copper Reduction Status Report (Dec 2018)

Estimated Urban Runoff Copper Reductions Resulting from Brake Pad Copper Use Restrictions (April 2016)

Zinc Sources in California Urban Runoff (April 2015)

Brake Pad Copper Reduction – Metrics for Tracking Progress (Dec 2014)

Monitoring Data Review (July 2013)

CASQA Review of Pyrethroid, Fipronil, and Toxicity Monitoring Data from California Urban Watersheds (July 2013)

Tax Returns

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