Equity Panel

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Track / Session:
Track: Equity / Session 4: Panel
Short Description: 

This panel will focus on how we identify the connections between the business of water management and its direct and indirect impact on vulnerable communities, including discussions of current programs, lessons learned, and how to bring equity considerations into all aspects of stormwater.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Adel Hagekhalil, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA)
Biography: Appointed in 2018 by Mayor Eric Garcetti as the Executive Director and General Manager with the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA), Adel Hagekhalil leads one of the largest worldwide agencies in managing, maintaining and upgrading Los Angeles’ street network and urban forest with over 23,000 lane miles of streets, and 700,000 urban trees.  Adel is a registered civil engineer with the State of California and a national Board-Certified Environmental Engineer.  Under his direction, Adel has transformed StreetsLA into a world class organization anchored in integration, innovation, and inclusion with focus on safety, mobility, and sustainability.  Adel is integrating climate cooling strategies, green infrastructure, multi-benefit elements into the City’s street renewal efforts. By utilizing technology and partnership with sister agencies and the stakeholders, Adel integrated various metrics to prioritize street upgrades as part of “street pulse” to maximize return on investment while enhancing safety, mobility, and equity across the City.  Recently, Adel was the Assistant Director for the City’s Bureau of Sanitation where he was responsible for the Bureau’s wastewater collection system management, storm water and watershed protection program, water quality compliance, and facilities and advance planning.  Under his direction, the City has prepared an award winning 2040 One Water LA Plan “One Water” which relies on public input and participation and integrates water supply, water reuse, water conservation and storm water management with wastewater facilities planning through a regional watershed approach.  Adel served for 9 years as Board member and recently President with the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA).  Adel led the development of the National Resiliency Plan for the Water Sector as part of President Obama’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC). Adel is a member of WEF and APWA.  Adel was recently recognized and awarded “WEF Fellow” national recognition for his contributions to the enhancing and forwarding the water industry.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
Katy Lackey, US Water Alliance
Biography: Senior Program Manager
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Rosey Jencks, Brown and Caldwell
Biography: Vice President