How Should Environmental Flows Inform MS4 Permits

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 2:45pm to 3:15pm
Ballroom A (Lower Level)
Track / Session:
Prioritize and Clarify Regulations Track / How Should Environmental Flows Inform MS4 Permits
Short Description: 

Query experts on how flow might be considered in MS4 permits and projects that capture and retain urban runoff. Panelists and audience will identify conflicts with MS4 incentives to retain runoff.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Eric Stein, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Biography: Dr. Eric Stein is a principal scientist at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), where he is head of the Biology Department. Dr. Stein oversees a variety of projects related to in-stream and coastal water quality, bioassessment, hydromodification, watershed modeling, and assessment of wetlands and other aquatic resources. Prior to joining SCCWRP in 2002, Dr. Stein spent six years as a Senior Project Manager with the Regulatory Branch of the Los Angeles District Corps of Engineers, and four years with a private consulting firm.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
John Riverson, Paradigm Environmental
Biography: John Riverson is a principal engineer of Paradigm Environmental, and has 19 years of experience in hydrology and water quality, data analysis and stressor identification, and modeling systems design and application.
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Sean Maguire, State Water Resources Control Board
Biography: Sean Maguire is a Supervising Water Resources Control Engineer for the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights. Sean currently oversees the Petition, Licensing, and Registrations Section, which has statewide responsibility for evaluating changes to certain water rights and wastewater discharges that affect streamflow, as well as other actions. Sean is a professional Civil Engineer and graduate of California State University, Sacramento. Prior to joining the State Water Board, Sean spent 12 years as a project manager for an environmental engineering consulting firm.
Speaker / Panelist 4:
Keith Lichten, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board
Biography: Keith Lichten is chief of the Watershed Management Division at the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, which manages work including the Board’s storm water and creek and wetland fill programs. Keith received his Bachelor’s in environmental engineering from MIT and completed a Master’s in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley, studying environmental planning and green infrastructure. His work over more than twenty years at the Regional Water Board has included managing the municipal, industrial, and construction stormwater programs; authoring foundational hydromodification permit language; and collaborating with municipalities, Caltrans, and other stakeholders to develop and implement green infrastructure in the Bay Area. Keith is the secretary of the ASCE/EWRI Urban Water Resources Research Council and recently chaired EWRI’s inaugural conference on the operation and maintenance of stormwater control measures in Denver, Colorado.